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World-Wide Media Exchange

I was just e-mailed this by a co-worker (thanks Paul!): the World-Wide Media eXchange.  It’s a Microsoft Research project gathering pictures from all over the world and arranging them into a map-driven interface.  It’s a really cool way to browse pictures as well as a neat way to find pictures of places you’ve been or may be going.  Here’s what the site has to say about itself:

The World-Wide Media eXchange (WWMX) is a centralized index of digital photos, where photos are tagged by the geographic location where they were shot.  It’s an experimental research project run by the Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research.

The project explores possibilities with digital photographs and geographic location.  The location where a photo was taken provides clues about its semantic context and offers an intuitive way to index it, even in a very large collection.  The combination is powerful, but still not supported well by either the photo-software or camera-hardware industries.  We’re trying to establish a strong case for these features, and you can help us — try the downloads, and tell us about your experience: wwmx(a)  Your feedback can make a difference!

It’s free and cool, check it out.


Oooh, pretty!

It seems that one of these “best pictures of [some year]” directories shows up every year… and they never indicate how the pictures were chosen.

Where do they come from?  Who choses them?  What authority does this site have to publish them? 

I don’t care… they’re purty.  Check out the “best pictures of 2004


At least my car isn’t filled with newspapers

Okay, so perhaps it’s a little weird that my toolbox is still littered with screws I pulled out of a radio-controlled car in Jr. High School, but hoarding old stuff isn’t always bad.  I was looking through some pictures I took when I was in South Korea and I found a picture of a street cafe which I almost tossed right when I took it.  I’m glad I got distracted and didn’t delete the picture, I’m now quite fond of the colors and feeling of movement.

(larger version: streetcafe.jpg (245.71 KB))

Along many of the busier streets in South Korea are little food stands which offer seating for 4 to 6 and have food within arm’s reach.  During rush hour many corners are packed with these part time restaurants.  They remind me of a grown-up lemonade stand with friendly proprietors chatting up the patrons in a neighborly fashion.

Net Photography Web

Tracking down the best photo sharing site

For a while now I’ve been wanting to get more of my pictures on line to share with friends and family.  Here are the sites I’ve dug up to date.  Any suggestions or comments?

My requirements:

  • A ton of space (unlimited would be nice, I have over 24 gigs of images)
  • Ability to have a custom domain (e.g.
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Per gallery security


Nice to have: per image comments.

Some photo hosting sites:


Some photo review sites (they tend to be geared to artists who want to get feedback, some only allow you to upload one image per day).  Not quite what I need.



Overseen Photography

Are they allowed to do that in Disneyland?

This, um… “enthusiastic” fellow was seen sitting in the front window of Jamba Juice in Downtown Disney:

 Click for big

Overseen Photography

When it has been a long day…

… and especially if you’ve been drinking, this kind of thing is really funny.



Perhaps they really know their customers.

Blog Photography Web

A virtual vacation!

Aren’t computers grand?  The magic of the web and blogging technology allow us to keep a virtual eye on Rob and Sharon as they each celebrate their 30th birthday in Paris.

Rob has quite the photo setup and the skills to back it up.  The pictures are bound to be beautiful.

PAD Photography


My week-long vacation gave me a chance to get caught up on all the unprocessed picture-a-day “digital negatives” I had sitting around.  My PAD gallery is now mostly up to date.

PAD Photography

S’bout time

I finally got off by lazy butt and processed all my waiting picture a day pictures adding almost a month’s worth of pictures to the gallery (including a picture of a very thrilled commuter, hi Rob).

I still need to add descriptions… baby steps.


Dust in the wind

… and from there onto your CCD.  What to do?

I came across a good CCD cleaning tutorial on Luminous Landscape.