Hard to believe

Thomas:  They say the walls of asylums are painted green to make the patients feel calm.  Is that really true?

God:  Do you feel calm?


Mary-Kate Olsen rear ended by bodyguard

It was a traffic accident you sicko!  You should be ashamed!

Mary-Kate’s Fender Bender

by Lia Haberman
May 20, 2004, 2:00 PM PT

New York Minute star Mary-Kate Olsen found herself in a Los Angeles predicament Wednesday afternoon.

The diminutive tween titan was involved in a freeway accident, her rep confirmed today.

Olsen was cruising down the 101 Freeway in her black Range Rover and driving through a construction zone when her SUV was struck from behind by a bodyguard tailing her in a black Yukon.

Full story:,1,14152,00.html


You’d think working for MS would count for something…

… but apparently there is something more evil than Microsoft.  Strangely enough, this “evil“ involves Australia and comedy. 

Steve Reeves
This site is certified 53% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 24% EVIL by the Gematriculator

School of hard knocks

I thought it was tough when my teachers made me sit in the corner… at least they didn’t have the class beat the snot out of me.

SEAGOVILLE, Texas — Elementary school students say that a teacher made them line up and slap a classmate.

But wait… that’s not all.  Here’s the real insanity:

Parents in the district are shocked by the allegations.

They had me going but the story lost all credibility when it implied the parents were actually paying attention to what their children do in school.

Idle Weird

He thinks he has too much time on his hands?

Okay, now this is just sad… it’s 1:26am and I’m checking Google.

Net Weird

It’s like crack… for pranksters

You always hear about people getting scammed, you can’t swing a cat without hitting a little old lady who lost her identity on the Internet.  How often do you ever hear about scammers getting scammed?

Mike pointed me to the hilarious bulletin board discussion chronicling the exploits of community of tech savvy people and what happens when a con artist tries to cheat one of them out of a laptop.

A warning in advance… the thread is really really really long.  You may want to start by reading it to get the feel (it is worth digging in a little to enjoy the group as they feed off each other).  When you get overwhelmed by the volume move over to one of the summary pages to get the Cliff’s Notes version.


I used to be the man…

Steve grabbed the top googleblogtag ranking from me and bengt quickly hopped in to kick me while I was down.  Perhaps I am not quite geeky enough (yes, Tami, I’ve left myself wide open :)).

Boy, this blog gets more exciting every day.


Who’s the man?

[Edit: Whose?  What was I thinking? Should have sumbitted to my editor first]

The gauntlet was thrown and a sound thrashing was handed out.  Bow before me!

Richard gets the prize for first spotting the page.


Geek drag racing?

So… Steve pointed out on his blog that the word “$g(googleblogtag)” returns no hits on Google.  So, since he put it in his blog and I put it in mine… who’s going to show up first on Google if the word gets indexed?  Also, who gets to be on the top of the page?

The race is on! 🙂

Blog Photography Web

A virtual vacation!

Aren’t computers grand?  The magic of the web and blogging technology allow us to keep a virtual eye on Rob and Sharon as they each celebrate their 30th birthday in Paris.

Rob has quite the photo setup and the skills to back it up.  The pictures are bound to be beautiful.