Bucky the Pumpkin

Last night the SharePoint Experiences design and program management teams did a little pumpkin carving. I decided to make this happy little buck-toothed fellow.

Finney has expressed his approval.


Happy Halloween!


The True Reason for Halloween

It’s not to relive our childhood fantasies by playing dress up…

It’s to relive our childhood sugar rushes by eating Monster Cereal.


Every year, I do just that very thing.

And every year, I’m reminded of just how awful this seasonal treat really is. For some reason (rightly or wrongly) I remember the monster cereals as being a little more powdery (think: colored Lucky Charms) and a lot better tasting. Instead, the cereal is shiny, glazed and lacking in all but the slightest hint of artificial fruit flavoring. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect it to taste like real blueberries. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, I really expect it to taste like fake blueberries, much the same way I expect Hawaiian Punch should never, ever, under any circumstances, start tasting like punch. The flavor, however, can be best described as “Crunchy Sugar”.

Admittedly, I do like sugar, and if I keep the mindset that I’m just eating generic, high fructose, artificially colored children’s cereal (you know, the kind with added vitamins & minerals / guilty parent panacea)… if I pretend and squint, it ain’t half bad.

Perhaps I’ll buy it again next year.

Almost certainly, I’ll be disappointed. Again.


He likes it! Hey Finney!

We bought Finney a stylish new dog bed for the den…


… he didn’t come upstairs for two days. I think that’s a sign of approval.