I feel your pain

Paula and I were at the mall the other day and as we were walking out another couple was coming towards us, into the mall.  Just inside the door the man stopped short and turned to the woman with a look like she’d just kicked his dog… twice… with big, heavy boots:

“Three hours?!? In here?  What do you need that for?”

She ignored him and just kept walking as he wilted and sulked after her into the mall.

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Microsoft Overheard

See, this proves it, we’re not evil

“Microsoft is not even a bad guy… you know… they want to be even more like Apple.”
   – Steve Wozniak (from This Week in Tech, 3/5/2006)


A few of my favorite quotes…

Fall down seven times, get up eight.
– Japanese Proverb

Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.
– Chinese Proverb (also attributed to George Bernard Shaw)

Time’s up, pencils down.
Dick Craddock

Dogs Overheard Weird

Would that be considered a hardware or a software problem?

A friend e-mailed me…

[My Wife’s] crt stopped working so I took a look around making sure everything was still plugged in, etc., Then I took a look on top where the cat likes to sit on the cooling vents to keep warm and found a pile of cat barf. After removing the monitor I found liquid had traveled from the top to the bottom, shorting out the crt.

I would have sent a picture of the problem but the dogs ate the barf.

Life Overheard

But how long at warp 9?

I flew back from Redmond tonight on Alaska Air flight 594 and you’ll never believe who was at the controls… Captain Kirk! He appears to have replaced his navigator, however… Chekhov was nowhere to be found.



The first three hours of parking at Downtown Disney is free with validation.

Reeves: “Can you validate me?”

Waiter: “You’re a wonderful human being.”