Is there a canine equivalent of catnip?

I think this dog found some.


My first SharePoint post is up: Linking images in SharePoint

Building the next version of a product is great fun, but being able to help existing users makes me feel like I’m doing more than building a product and tossing it over the wall.

If you’ve ever tried to hyperlink an image in Windows SharePoint using the rich text editor you’ll know that you can’t do it.  SharePoint Server 2007 (the one that ties in more closely with Office 2007) has a slightly different text editor and you can link an image the same way you’d expect in other apps (click the image then click the link button). WSS, however, doesn’t make it that easy.  If you’ve ever struggled with it you should check out my post: Linking images in SharePoint.

You want the quick summary? Create a hyperlink then insert your image in the middle (remove the extra text when you’re done).



Election results widget

I went looking for a Vista Sidebar Gadget to watch election results but didn’t find any in the Live Gallery.  I figured I’d just have to be “Old Fashioned” and refresh a web page so went to MSNBC (after finding CNN appeared to be melting) and found they have gadgets for all kinds of interfaces (FaceBook, MySpace, etc.) including a sidebar gadget and blog embed code.  If you’re biting your nails waiting for results, you may want to go pick up one in your favorite flavor.

Edit: Removed live gadget and inserted image for posterity.