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Fix your Windows Media album info

Omar turned me onto this fantastic tool for quickly and easily fixing the album data in Windows Media.  Album Art Fixer may follow Microsoft’s not-so-sexy, name-it-what-it-is product title strategy but make no mistake, the product is way cool.  It is especially useful for people who are running Windows Media Center edition as MCE uses the “Album Artist” field where many tracks only get their “Aritist” field set when you RIP (esp. for those of you who insist on sticking to MP3s).  It also has a handy interface for getting cover art via a web search (Google by default). 

The process of fixing all your albums is very easy (Album Art Fixer is on version 1.5.2 at this point, the refinements continue).  I’ve ripped over 500 albums to disk so far and fixing them all was completed in one painless sitting last night (it took less than 20min).  I won’t re-hash the instructions on the Album Art Fixer page, their simplicity says it all.  I will add, however, that I’m picky when it comes to making sure my music is correctly labled and filed, so I was aprehensive about letting software do the changing.  Album Art Fixer does, however, allow you to adjust or reject any changes before it changes your media’s metadata.

The software is donate-ware, so you can download it and try it out absolutely free (it’s fully functional).  If you like it and use it you should, of course, show your appreciation by donating via PayPal.


You don’t have to take my word for it,

Album art fixer recommendation by Omar.

The album art fixer site:

A review here:

Media Metadata usage guidelines:


Idle Music

Gah, I missed my free music!

I was organizing my music last night (after ripping another 110 albums this weekend) and was reminded of the free music from Mercedes.  On a whim I went back to the Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape site… they’re up to number 7!  They were supposed to e-mail me when the next edition came out but didn’t.  I missed out on mixed tapes 4, 5 and 6.  Oh well, I won’t pass up on some gratis Euro-pop.  Free music is free music, get yours while it’s there.

Idle Overseen

So… does that make it a fruit or a vegetable?

I say Ketchup, you say Catsup, let’s call the whole thing off.

But wait… something new on the horizon?  Here’s just the thing for people looking for that special condiment to set off their latest culinary creation:

Click for big

Yummy, banana ketchup.  Now public schools can ensure our under-fed youth get their requisite serving of both fruits and vegetables simply by dousing cafeteria french fries with this compound condiment.

Hardware Tech

Mechanical procreation

There’s cool, and then there’s geeky cool.  I think this is both.

Robots master reproduction
Andreas von Bubnoff
Modular machine assembles copies of itself in minutes.
Humans do it, bacteria do it, even viruses do it: they make copies of themselves. Now US researchers have built a flexible robot that can perform the same trick.

Cool, right?  What? I’m a geek?  Here, watch this video then tell me if it’s cool.

For the full story, please check out the article at


“Sarah Connor?”