Free Credit Reports

Starting tomorrow (12/1) people on the west coast will be able to request a free credit report at  This new service will eventually be available to the whole country but is starting with the western states first, allowing the bureaus to do a gradual roll out (can you say beta test?).

I’ll likely be one of the early people who runs out and signs up for a credit report, using my personal information to shake the bugs out of the new system.  I’m sure everything will be just fine, what’s the worst that could happen? 🙂

The first states are: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  For more information MSNBC ran a story on the subject a few days ago:


A page from simpler times

You know they didn’t put this page up recently, but the number of things to see in Iraq makes me sad that the human race is so screwed up.  One more place I’m likely to never see in my lifetime.

On the entertaining side, I do like Atlas Tours’s tag line: “We are sincere”.  If we’re rude and obnoxious, don’t fret, you know we mean it. 🙂

Dogs Weird

Don’t give my those puppy dog eyes, private! Drop and give me twenty!

I’m as big an animal lover as the next guy… but this is just… well… odd.

“Imagine: your dog, cat, or other pet in full military regalia. I make this fantasy a reality. Using the latest digital techniques, I combine a photo of your pet with the uniform and background of your choice.”

Fantasy?  You mean like: “I love a man in uniform, now lick my boots Sgt. Spot!”?  Ewww!!!

Get your freak on at


Happy Turkey Day!

Ever wonder where those turkeys come from and where they go?  National Geographic published an article in 2001 with some interesting details (like the trainers spend a lot of time dressed in blue clothing to mimic white house suits to socialize the turkeys).

Photography Weird

I gave my gingerbread man a Nutella pompadour

Click for scary-big.

Ginger Elvis says: “I taste better than fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!  Thank you very much!”

<crunch> Ginger Elvis’s head has left the building.


Back up again

Sorry if you received a reload of my entire post set, my blog software threw a cog this morning and a reinstall was required to get up and running again.



Took this picture a few months ago when The Day After Tomorrow was going to start playing in theaters in the coming weekend (phew).

Click for big

Photography Web

World-Wide Media Exchange

I was just e-mailed this by a co-worker (thanks Paul!): the World-Wide Media eXchange.  It’s a Microsoft Research project gathering pictures from all over the world and arranging them into a map-driven interface.  It’s a really cool way to browse pictures as well as a neat way to find pictures of places you’ve been or may be going.  Here’s what the site has to say about itself:

The World-Wide Media eXchange (WWMX) is a centralized index of digital photos, where photos are tagged by the geographic location where they were shot.  It’s an experimental research project run by the Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research.

The project explores possibilities with digital photographs and geographic location.  The location where a photo was taken provides clues about its semantic context and offers an intuitive way to index it, even in a very large collection.  The combination is powerful, but still not supported well by either the photo-software or camera-hardware industries.  We’re trying to establish a strong case for these features, and you can help us — try the downloads, and tell us about your experience: wwmx(a)  Your feedback can make a difference!

It’s free and cool, check it out.


God’s food

Perhaps it was made with Swiss cheese, it’s hole-y!  Hole-y!  Get it?  Holes in cheese?  Sounds like holy?  Anyone?  C’mon, this is great stuff! 

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

Update: eBay auction saved for my own little web time-capsule

Video Games

They’re everywhere!

I can’t seem to get away from it… on the way home from work the DJ on a local FM radio station was talking over some instrumental music… the opening theme music to Halo.  Gah! 

Okay, so maybe I had to play when I got home… just a little.  I blame the radio.