I started out amused…

… now I’m just annoyed.

image here’s Elmo!

After changing the batteries on her son’s Elmo doll, Elmo appears to be channeling Jack Nicholson.  The programmable doll is able to learn a child’s name and repeat it as part of a variety of phrases.  A glitch, however, makes it sound like it’s saying "Kill James".

Death-threat Elmo brightened my day a bit until I watched the CNN video.  What killed the buzz?  The mother is obviously angling for a cash settlement from Fisher-Price.  Fisher-Price offered to replace the toy and investigate, so why does the mother still have the toy which she states has her "distraught" and is causing her a "hassle"?  She clearly thinks she’s holding a little red lottery ticket.

C’mon lady, take the replacement doll and laugh it off!  Worry less about how your kid is affected by the doll and more about what he learns from how you handle the situation.


Some great bus adverts

I coworker sent these to me… they’re too fun not to share:





There were a bunch more fun visual advertisements in the e-mail, I stuck a bunch in a cool advertising gallery on our picture site.  Enjoy!