Reeves photographing flowers in AlaskaReeves Little is a geek, gamer, movie fan, husband to his wife and foot servant to his dog.

The¬†posts come in fits and bursts and topics range manically… if you find something of use here I’ll be pleased, if not, you have my

My parents bought me my first computer when I was in High School, to me it was a toy. I studied psychology at UCSD and started working in high-tech as a way to make some money before going back to school. I never went back to school. Besides, getting paid to play with computers all day is a great way to pass the time until I grow up (which, like a PhD, is unlikely to ever happen).

I’ve run a BBS for Apple, done tech support and IT for a struggling startup, tested Macintosh software for Microsoft, was a program manager at Hotmail/Windows Live Mail, designed business intelligence visualizations in Dublin, Ireland and am now a user experience program manager for Windows SharePoint Server, working in Redmond, Washington.


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