Random luck or good targeted advertising?

I was checking out some tracks on Rapsody. Evanescence was playing and a vampire movie was the the sponsor.


I’ll wager I’d get the same advert if I were listening to Liberace (who is not quite as goth as John Tesh, but close).


Taking a trip down [geek] memory lane

Here’s how my brain works:

  1. Paula sends me an instant message asking my schedule tonight
  2. I tell her I have to finish some slides
  3. Paula tells me she’s going to take a short nap, so don’t call when I’m coming home, just e-mail
  4. I say okay, then I think: “e-mail”
  5. Then I think: Homestar Runner saying “e-mail”
  6. Then I think: I want to look at a thing in a bag
  7. Then I watch this:


The thing in the bag, “it’s friggin’ awesome!”


Getting better pictures without getting more gear

After bemoaning the fact that my wife’s little D40x does a better job capturing pictures than my D100 I immediately starting thinking about how I could go about getting a new camera body. I am, however, cheap and certainly don’t have a couple spare Grover Cleveland’s to throw in Nikon’s tip jar. Fortunately, there’s a solution: just be a better photographer.

My first step: take Scott Bourne’s advice to heart. Scott has published a list of 10 ways to improve your photography without buying gear. Scott’s suggestions were inspired by David duChemin, but David’s tips cost $5 (I refer you to paragraph one for information on my fiscal leanings).

My second step: start taking pictures. I know it’s the only way to get better, and yet I still don’t do it. From now on, more pictures, I promise (I promise myself, that is, most of you really don’t need any more pictures to look at).

Blur of fur
Blur of fur
My greyhound spazing out at with .5s shutter speed and rear curtain flash


I clicked on a facebook ad… and it blew my mind.

forever Yes, there are people out there who will click on ads, on occasion I’m one of them. Today I was intrigued by an ad’s description, saying something about a crazy man’s landscape… so I clicked and was taken to Foreverscape.

Imagine what you’d get if you handed Salvador Dali a pen and an endless roll of paper… then you started feeding him acid. What starts out as a fairly ordinary scene slowly melts into a stream of consciousness rolling dreamscape, with meteor showers, train wrecks and fishing astronauts.

The landscape (by Vance Feldman) is embedded in the page and will automatically scroll by. Just head on over to Foreverscape for the visual treat. Be sure turn down the lights, put on “The Dark Side of the Moon”… and don’t forget to wrap a towel around your head to keep the mess to a minimum.


Update: I wasn’t sure who the foreverscape artist was, but via comment and e-mail Vance hooked me up with links to his site. Thanks Vance!


I’m not really a cat person

Maybe I just need to find the right cat. Perhaps this guy: