Someone who has spent waaaay too much time watching MTV

Six minutes of inspired dancing by “Inspirational Comedian” Judson Laipply.


Yay! Someone has agreed to buy my Corvette!

And they’re going to make it really easy on me too!  I’m so excited I could just spit:

Greetings, Everything sounds well and I must commend that the ( 2001 Corvette Convertible, very low mileage, Mag Red, Six Speed ) in excellent condition and am okay with the prize i will like to know it  f. i was locate in PA Reading city . For convenient and easy transaction, I have a liable shipping agent who’d be responsible for the shipping as soon as you get the money to ur account  for the ( 2001 Corvette Convertible, very low mileage, Mag Red, Six Speed ).I will therefore need the following information of yours to forward wire the money to u. your BAnk Name……..  Bank ADDRESSL.. ACCOUNT NUMBER ……  ROUNTING NUMBER..  CELL/OFFICE/HOME PHONE NUMBER. I await your soonest reply.

The mail came from a Canadian Yahoo account, I guess that explains the typos and lack of command on the English language.


Thoughts on money

If you take a pocket full of change, segregate it by color then examine the coins you’ll find we have one colored coin in America… and it has Abraham Lincoln on the face.

Think about it…

On a related note, is it any coincidence that paper money and envy share the same color?