A6 Deconstruction

At the time we pulled the engine out of the A6 I wasn’t yet taking careful notes on the project. I’m guessing we spent 36-48 hours total on pulling the engine.

Getting the engine out was a struggle as we worked to access bolts that were buried deep in the engine bay. In retrospect we should have dropped the entire front end, it would have saved us a lot of headaches. We’re certain to do that for pulling the engine out of the A4.

John and I worked for hours trying to get the engine out. When I dropped out for a bit with a sinus infection, John took the job the last few miles and got the engine out of the A6 and onto an engine stand. I’m lucky to have a great friend like John.

Audi engine on a stand

The A6, now thoroughly emasculated, looks dejected in the corner of the garage.

A6 with no engine