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Security bits give you access

On more than one occasion I’ve wanted to open something up, only to find it has some weird fastener put in place to keep me out. I can understand wanting to keep thieves and vandals out, but I’m perfectly capable of fixing a rusted cable connection hiding behind my provider’s special box (and certainly don’t want to pay the cable company $120/hr to do it).


I bought this set of security bits off Amazon about a year ago and it continues to prove useful again and again. It’s  worth noting that not all the bits are security bits. A nice surprise that came in the mix: a bit for turning wing nuts.

I highly recommend this set. Even if you never need the security bits, the hex bits make assembling Ikea furniture a snap. Your wrists will thank you.


Fun with high PSI H2O

Paula and I were cleaning our patio today when a wave of emotion hit me. Can anyone think of a better way for me to express my undying love than to carve it out of the slimy layer of dirt caked on our concrete? No, of course not. I am the master of romance.

Yes ladies, I’m taken.