Gear Tech

But what if we need you again?

Well folks, the guy who invented ctrl+alt_del is retiring.  The good news, we can still use his stuff.  David J. Bradley is retiring from IBM after more than twenty-eight years of service.  More on the inventor, David J. Bradley.


I see dead people

It’s morbid, but is it helpful?  The Clark County Coroner in Nevada has started posting pictures of unidentified dead bodies on its web site.  Sure, it’s creepy, but they have solved 3 times the number of cold cases this year.


Virus Alert!!!

If your virus software is not up to date, update it now.  If you’re not running anti-virus software, buy some now.  It’s like car insurance, it’s just part of the cost of being on the Internet.

This new attack is estimated to be the most virulent since Nimda in 2001.  Full details of the current virus threat can be found here:




Oooo… pretty pictures!

Here’s some great photography, voted the best pictures of 2003 by the readers of… well… something (the root URL doesn’t have much, the page just states “These photos were voted by readers as the best images of year…”).


Guess who’s playing my birthday party?

Would I lose your respect if I told you they work for peanuts?

(How much respect do I loose (sic) for leaning too heavily on my spell checker?  Hey Steve: ;p)


Would you like fries with that?

It’s amazing what becomes interesting if you’re important… I don’t think anyone would come to my web site to read a transcript of me trying to order ribs.  President Bush ordering ribs, however, is amusing for some unknown reason.

Thanks Doug for brightening my day.


We are animals…

We must never forget we are animals, barely restrained by the society we live in.  When our society turns a blind eye, the animal breaks loose.

Without Sanctuary is a collection of photo postcards taken at lynchings (hangings) in America’s not-too-distant past.  This book is a grim, and often gruesome reminder of the beast that lurks just below the surface of mankind.

I encourage you to visit the Without Sanctuary page at Musarium to watch the flash presentation of some of the book, narrated by the book’s author.  Be advised that many of the images are graphic and disturbing.

I’d like to thank Steve for providing this link to a disturbing part of American history, a part that should never be forgotten.


Badgers? We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers!

Ah…er…um… no words come to mind.  Go to Badger Badger Badger to see for yourself.

(Thanks to Dennis, a plus number one fan of Engrish, for the link).


The directors cut is out!

Music Weird

Bush and Blair… the new punk rock duo

Detroit rockers Electric Six have an entertaining, less-than-serious song called “Gay Bar”.  The song takes on a whole new tilt, however, when lip synched by George Bush and Tony Blair (I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean to ;)).  Check out the unofficial video at Camp Chaos.

Here’s how a description on Amazon (yeah, they fixed my account and are, once again, on my good side) describes Electric Six:

Electric Six is the most exciting band to come tumbling out of Detroit since Kiss. Sporting grimy leisure suits and hilarious stage names (the guitarists are known only as Surge Joebot and the Rock and Roll Indian), the ragtag group comes up with a deliriously catchy disco trash sound on its smart, hyperactive debut. Studio 54 horns mingle anxiously with AC/DC-influenced garage riffs, while frontman Dick Valentine rants maniacally over jerky, suggestive punk-funk songs like “Gay Bar” and “I’m the Bomb.” Plus, rumor suggests that single “Danger! High Voltage” features the White Stripes‘ Jack White on backing vocals and, less plausibly, Bill Clinton on saxophone. How cool is that? Very. –Aidin Vaziri

Incidentally, Electric Six also appears on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, a fabulously eclectic mix of music.  I give it a ::thumbsup::.


Protect yourself!

For mere pennies you can construct your very own AFDB – an aluminum foil deflector beanie.  This invaluable piece of head wear will keep out the probing of the nefarious black helicopters (as well as your creepy, voodoo-practicing next-door neighbor).  Full instructions are on the AFDB site.

If your problem is not with terrestrial mind control but comes from a little further away, Steve has pointed me to the Stop Alien Abductions web site.  This site has instructions for creating a stylish helmet to insulate yourself against alien mind control.