Swan Dive!

Isaiah Mustafa is back to make the ladies swoon and, without a doubt, make men want to smell like him (which I can only assume is a heady mixture of Old Spice and awesome).

Hello ladies…

This whole campaign does have me concerned, however, to much more of this and Old Spice will ruin my marriage. Either Paula will come to her senses and see I’m not as dreamy as Isaiah… or I’m going to leave her, move to wherever Isaiah Mustafa lives and build the First Universal Church of Isaiah the Dreamy in his front yard. It will be a non-profit, of course. Donations of cash, food and Old Spice are always welcome.

I’ll probably need a good lawyer too.


I’m not sure I can keep eating this way

Paula and I met Dick for some drinks and snacks tonight and headed over to Lot no. 3 in downtown Bellevue. We had some Salumi cured meats, a PB & J (peanut butter, BACON and jelly) and, of course, a Plate O’ Bacon.


What the hell, this body’s just on loan anyway, right?


I think my heart just stopped…

Sundays are a great time to visit John Howie Steak in Bellevue: happy hour in the bar lasts from 3pm to 10pm. For $40 Paula and I had two glasses of wine, a soda, mac & cheese, steak sliders, crab salad and, my new favorite food, tempura fried bacon with maple ponzu dip.


Mommy, where do hippos come from?

Mexico, dear, just like watermelons and Taco Bell.


Migrated from dasBlog to WordPress

After many good years of publishing via dasBlog I made the decision to jump ship and start using WordPress. dasBlog has been speedy, stable and very easy to style. It’s a great power user tool but I’m now at the point where I want the simplicity of a more mainstream product.

Following the lead of Shan and Mike I opted for WordPress and set about installing it this weekend. A quick web search turned up more than a few helpful pages on migrating content (Kavinda’s post is a good one stop shop). The key components to my migration from dasBlog v1.9 to WordPress v2.9.2 were:

  1. Getting the content out of DasBlog – DasBlog to BlogML exporter
  2. Getting the content into WordPress – BlogML import plug-in (Kavinda Munasinghe’s Version)
  3. Providing a permanent redirect from old links to new – Redirection Plug-in

I would not call the migration painless, but after a bit of tech-turbulence it all came together. I’m now up and running on WordPress and everything is running smoothly.

To share the love I’ve created a page with my tips for migrating from dasBlog to WordPress.


For old time’s sake: Troops

Was feeling nostalgic, so dug up some old school viral.