Washington’s been buried!

There was a snowstorm predicted for Wednesday… but it waited until Thursday instead.

I went into work in the morning for a bit to get some work done, the remote connection servers are swamped by everyone trying to WAH (work at home).  To make sure I didn’t get trapped at the office I left at lunch time.  All the stranded cars and the continued snow assured me I made the right decision.

Other than peaceful white coating, the weather has another fun benefit: wildlife. Our bird feeder has a constant crowd of patrons and our hummingbird feeders are helping the littlest customers stay warm (yeah, who knew that hummingbirds stayed here year round?). The cold also brought us a brand new visitor: a pair of coyotes. They must have come up from the park at the end of our street looking for food.

I was able to get some quick pictures of the hummingbirds, quail and coyote, they’re in our big snow gallery.

With the fierce competition for connectivity to Microsoft I won’t get much work done… but that does free me up to watch the show.


Congratulations Mike and Bunny!

The newlyweds after their beach wedding this morning:


Farewell to a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend

My parents were in town for Thanksgiving and I’ve been enjoying Thanksgiving dinner for four days now, but it all started with Thursday’s spread.


(Before and after… yum)