Oooh, pretty!

It seems that one of these “best pictures of [some year]” directories shows up every year… and they never indicate how the pictures were chosen.

Where do they come from?  Who choses them?  What authority does this site have to publish them? 

I don’t care… they’re purty.  Check out the “best pictures of 2004

Movies Software

Took a break yesterday

Click for a larger version.


This week’s contest at b3ta is to add one word to a movie title. I needed a break and couldn’t resist (Turns out shortly after taking the Harry met Sally picture she bumped into him and he took a swing at her).


Making trouble?

After complaining in jest about my wife I realized something…

…we have a really, really comfortable couch positioned nicely in front of our home theatre system… having to sleep on the couch for the night is not such a bad thing.

Now, if Paula ever figures out a good way to lock the refrigerator…


It’s about time!

Well, we wondered if it would ever happen… but it did.  Dick proposed to Trina.  Congratulations you two! (Everybody else, check out the proposal story, it’ll make you teary :)).

I think the best thing is that in a show of Victorian geekiness they have maintained separate XBoxes… to share an XBox before being married just wouldn’t be appropriate, the neighbors would talk.


I give up, you navigate!

I made Mike back up so I could see this again…


At least my car isn’t filled with newspapers

Okay, so perhaps it’s a little weird that my toolbox is still littered with screws I pulled out of a radio-controlled car in Jr. High School, but hoarding old stuff isn’t always bad.  I was looking through some pictures I took when I was in South Korea and I found a picture of a street cafe which I almost tossed right when I took it.  I’m glad I got distracted and didn’t delete the picture, I’m now quite fond of the colors and feeling of movement.

(larger version: streetcafe.jpg (245.71 KB))

Along many of the busier streets in South Korea are little food stands which offer seating for 4 to 6 and have food within arm’s reach.  During rush hour many corners are packed with these part time restaurants.  They remind me of a grown-up lemonade stand with friendly proprietors chatting up the patrons in a neighborly fashion.

Life Overheard

But how long at warp 9?

I flew back from Redmond tonight on Alaska Air flight 594 and you’ll never believe who was at the controls… Captain Kirk! He appears to have replaced his navigator, however… Chekhov was nowhere to be found.

Life Weird

She’s worried… honest

Sure… jackhammers… add it to the list lady.  (click for big)

Edit 10/7/2004: Snopes picked up the story.

Net Photography Web

Tracking down the best photo sharing site

For a while now I’ve been wanting to get more of my pictures on line to share with friends and family.  Here are the sites I’ve dug up to date.  Any suggestions or comments?

My requirements:

  • A ton of space (unlimited would be nice, I have over 24 gigs of images)
  • Ability to have a custom domain (e.g.
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Per gallery security


Nice to have: per image comments.

Some photo hosting sites:


Some photo review sites (they tend to be geared to artists who want to get feedback, some only allow you to upload one image per day).  Not quite what I need.