I give up, you navigate!

I made Mike back up so I could see this again…

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Hmmmmm? Reed, this looks kind of created. I’m not a photography expert but I think this image isn’t real. Look at the truck to the right of the picture. Doesn’t it look kind of bended to you? Also look at the middle of the picture where the silver car is. I think this picture has been photoshopped to death. :)…………Tami

The picture does look a little wonky, but trust me, it’s real. It’s in the campground right above the front gate to Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey, CA. Reeves goes, "Stop! Backup!" and I’m like "what the hell?" He took a picture and it took me a few seconds there to "get it". I hadn’t even noticed the sign.

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