Where did those plugs go?

Puzzling through the wiring of the swap and can’t figure out where the connections for the brake booster-related components go.

I could try wiring them manually based on the Bentley diagrams I have, but I think I’ll check first with the forums to see if anyone there has the answer.

Booster pump:

Vacuum vent valve plug on side of brake master. There’s still a wire connected to the fluid level sensor… why would the wire get pulled off the brake vacuum vent?

A4 engine removal – driveshaft unbolted (day 19)

Today I did some small things getting ready to pull the engine and transmission.

First I unbolted the drive shaft and tucked it out of the way.

Next i started working on the bolts holding the driveshafts in place for the front of the car. The bolts are tough, so I’m going to need to come back to these when I have an assistant to stand on the breaks so they don’t rotate.

Time invested – 1 hour

A4 engine removal – starter and AC pulled (day 18)

Pulled a few more parts off the car today.

I started with the removing the starter and unbolting the AC compressor.

I then moved to the exhaust and worked on getting it separated from the rear of the system.

The flex pipe was on its last legs… but no matter, I’m going from 2″ to 3″ exhaust.

Time invested – 2 hours

A4 engine removal – front carrier removal (day 17)

Today I drained the brake fluid and the remainder of the engine coolant in the process of pulling off the front carrier. I started by swinging the AC radiator down and out of the way.

I drained off the brake fluid an the remainder of the engine coolant from the bottom of the radiator.

And finally took off the front carrier.

Mmmm… organic!

Time invested – 3 hours