At least my car isn’t filled with newspapers

Okay, so perhaps it’s a little weird that my toolbox is still littered with screws I pulled out of a radio-controlled car in Jr. High School, but hoarding old stuff isn’t always bad.  I was looking through some pictures I took when I was in South Korea and I found a picture of a street cafe which I almost tossed right when I took it.  I’m glad I got distracted and didn’t delete the picture, I’m now quite fond of the colors and feeling of movement.

(larger version: streetcafe.jpg (245.71 KB))

Along many of the busier streets in South Korea are little food stands which offer seating for 4 to 6 and have food within arm’s reach.  During rush hour many corners are packed with these part time restaurants.  They remind me of a grown-up lemonade stand with friendly proprietors chatting up the patrons in a neighborly fashion.

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