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Now here’s a need I never knew existed… an Xbox 360 laptop


I couldn’t believe it wasn’t just photoshopped when I first hit this page… but there are videos down at the bottom of the page that show it open and running.  Impressive.

For more pictures and to watch the videos go to


Creative writing for Nigerians – 101

Oh great… yet another 419 e-mail! A mail from someone I don’t know, terrible grammar, bizarre introduction… but wait… what’s this? This isn’t like any scam mail I’ve see to date.  There’s tension, conflict… I was sucked in by the drama and emotion.  I took a sharp breath, wiped back a tear with the heel of my hand and read on…

Goodday to you today from BELA

Can i trust you and take me as your blood?if so i will be happy in my life

We are one but they denied me,naturally it may interest you to know that i am BELA 20 years old university student of Rep of Benin calavi,Rep of Benin.

I wonder why i was disown by the family of my father that i was adopted by my father and the culture did not allow me to stay in their family after the news was broken to me that my father involve in a motort accident that claim his life and four others.

From that very day i was rejected from the family and i learn from my father that i was 16months old when my mother died.

I went back to my school in Rep of Benin with the little money i have with me.

Two months later i receive a message from my father’s lawyer that my father have a consignment that contain(10.5musd) in a security company in europe in which am the next of kin and he handed over all the document to me and advise me to keep away from the family and claim the consignment for my life make me to realise that truely i was adopted by my father.

After, i contact the company to confirm and it is true and they are waiting for me to come for the collection and given option of convey it to any destination i like.

Please i will like you to come to my aid to help me out of this problem for the collection of this consignment and provide account for safe keeping of the money for investment and to live africa and come to you to live the rest of my live in your country and invest with money.

If you can help me i will give to you 20% of the money.
Notice that you will sign agreement with me to avoid future mis-understanding.

Without no hesitation can i forward your name as beneficiary to thecompany? if so Give me your full name and address,tel/fax number andyour passport copy or ID.

waiting your urgent reply at

Also your telephonecontact.




Broccoli flashback

Tonight we were entertaining friends for dinner and someone mentioned it was time to chop the broccoli for dinner… and Paula started singing.  Our friends are 10 years younger than we are so… YouTube to the rescue!


Sure… it’s “the other white meat”…

… but does it taste like chicken?



Top Gear’s Hammond badly injured in jet-car crash |

Rchard Hammond

Fans of the BBC show “Top Gear” will be concerned.  Everyone else will say “who’s that?”

I’m part of the first group.   

Hammond, the handsome, genial counter-point to Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear crashed while trying to break the UK land speed record for the TV show.  Teased for his lack of stature, white teeth and teen-girl magazine pin-up looks, Hammond is a key part of the show staff balancing out Clarkson’s searing tongue and May’s posh leanings.  I hope he fully recovers… not just because I’m human but because it could be the source of no end of hilarity on the show (plus, the other option sucks).

Top Gear’s Hammond badly injured in jet-car crash

LONDON (Reuters) – Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond was seriously ill in hospital on Thursday after being badly injured after a high-speed crash in a jet-powered car while filming for the programme.


For the full story see: Top Gear’s Hammond badly injured in jet-car crash |


Here’s a niche market


Do you think they publish fortnightly or monthly?


Clowns are scary

But clown vans are even more scary.

Overseen Photography

It’s all been said…

Pictures we took at Ground Zero when we visited in December of 2001.

104-0451_IMG.JPG 104-0461_IMG.JPG

38999920-O.jpg 104-0464_IMG.JPG

More on SmugMug.


Manic Meme Medley Makes Me Merry

A couple of folks with some extra time have put together a medly of some of the Internet’s most popular songs including “All Your Base are belong to us”, “Peanut Butter Jelley Time”, “Badger, Badger” and nine others.  So, as Disturbed sez, “Here’s a little someting for your earhole.

Meme stack


Presence buttons are cool… why can’t messenger have these?

Way back in the day ICQ allowed people to put a little snippet of HTML anywhere they liked and it would show their presence.  That was very cool.  Yahoo can do it too. AOL offers itNow Skype is doing it too.  Why, for the sake of all that is geeky, can’t we (Microsoft) do this for messenger? 

Wait, I know, I’ll use a buzz-word: it’s viral! (it’ll happen for sure now).

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