Finally, some real jeans

I can still remember getting new jeans when I was a little kid. Toughskins. They were constructed from some sort of advanced ballistic denim that would, until washed, stand on their own. Over time they would soften, but they took all the abuse a 5 year-old could muster (including my rigorous tire swing test).

These days people are impatient. Jeans come pre-washed, pre-shrunk and pre-distressed. Bring a fresh pair of jeans home from the store today and they already look like they’ve been worn and loved for several years… but you’re lucky if you can get them to last several months.Toughskins were a blend of cotton, polyester and a grade of nylon used primarily in duffle bags. While I do long for their durability, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to wear them today.

Thankfully, Levi’s is paying attention and agrees you shouldn’t have to throw out your jeans faster than you can change the size of your waist.  Levi’s Hesher jeans don’t have belt sander-induced faux wear marks or accelerated pseudo-fading via advanced chemical acid/stone washes and aren’t softened by beating them with baby seals. They are just an honest, solid pair of blue jeans.

No, I’m not going all teenage girl on you. I’m not going to start posting YouTube reviews of the latest thing I brought home from the mall. For me clothing is a necessary tool. I don’t enjoy clothes shopping. I REALY don’t enjoy spending money on clothes. This is, however, one of the rare times I’ve actually been pleased at having purchased textiles.

Never fear, I reserve the remainder of my purchasing excitement for anything labeled “quad-core” or measured in “giga”.


Everything is better with bacon (yes, cupcakes too)

It seems that this year I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with bacon. When Dick comes to town we inevitably go to Lot no. 3 for a Plate ‘O Bacon. If Paula and I hit up Sunday Happy hour at John Howie it’s hard to resist the tempura bacon.

Now, as it happens, I’m also obsessed with cupcakes (and apparently not obsessed with eating healthy). You can imagine how pleased I was to head over to New York Cupcakes on Saturday morning to pick up a pair of Papa B’s Maple Bacon "breakfast" cupcakes.

"What, pray tell,"  you ask "is a Papa B’s?"

This a a baked cinnamon/vanilla French Toast cupcake topped with Vermont maple whipped buttercream and topped with candied baked bacon.

Don’t even bother asking if it’s delicious, I won’t answer. Mamma taught me not to obsess with my mouth full.