Everything is better with bacon (yes, cupcakes too)

It seems that this year I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with bacon. When Dick comes to town we inevitably go to Lot no. 3 for a Plate ‘O Bacon. If Paula and I hit up Sunday Happy hour at John Howie it’s hard to resist the tempura bacon.

Now, as it happens, I’m also obsessed with cupcakes (and apparently not obsessed with eating healthy). You can imagine how pleased I was to head over to New York Cupcakes on Saturday morning to pick up a pair of Papa B’s Maple Bacon "breakfast" cupcakes.

"What, pray tell,"  you ask "is a Papa B’s?"

This a a baked cinnamon/vanilla French Toast cupcake topped with Vermont maple whipped buttercream and topped with candied baked bacon.

Don’t even bother asking if it’s delicious, I won’t answer. Mamma taught me not to obsess with my mouth full.