Choreographed Juggling

An entertaining video of juggler Chris Bliss’s routine set to music from the Beatles.  Sure, he only uses 3 balls… it’s still way better than I can over hope to do.


A Ninja Pays Half My Rent

I don’t know what reminded me of this short film, but once in my head I had to go find it an watch it again.

Steven Tsuchida’s short film about the ups and downs of finding roommates won a whole mess of awards in 2003.


So… what kind of dog is she?

We were always curious just what mix of breeds went into Nala (and were often asked).  If she were still around I would have totally forked over the $65 needed to buy the Canine Heritage Test.  This test kit from Maryland-based biotech firm MetaMorphix includes a cheek swab for your dog which you mail back to them to find out what really went into building your special friend.

So put on a pair of sunglasses and do your best David Caruso imitation… cheek swabs are cool.

Via BookOfJoe


BMW CS Concept, Dodge Charger… separated at birth?

I saw the snaps of BMW’s new CS concept on Uncrate, looks pretty sweet.  But, I could help thinking I’d seen the car somewhere before…


So, do you think BMW is going to offer an R/T trim line?


Something is bound to rub off

I don’t know why I do it, but often when I hear a sound I feel compelled to mimic it.  More often than not I mimic it badly.  Perhaps if I did it well Paula would find it less annoying… but I don’t do it well.

Here’s what life is usually like:

Getting into an elevator:

Elevator: “Ding!”
Reeves: “Ding!”
Paula: “Stop it”

Paula walking around wearing flip-flops:

Flip-flops: “Snap, snap, snap..”
Reeves: “Snap, snap, snap..”
Paula: “Stop it”

When a bass-happy import car drives by:

Car: “Ooots, oots, oots…”
Reeves: “Ooots, oots, oots…”
Paula: “Stop it”

And just yesterday, pouring wine:

Wine bottle: “Glug, glug, glug…”
Paula: “Glug, glug, glug…”
Reeves: “That’s my job”
Paula: “It’s been thirteen years… something is bound to rub off”

I’m so proud of her. 


Painkiller Jane: Dud

SciFi Channel: you owe me an hour.

Here’s the elevator pitch: take the cheerleader from Heroes, stick her in a shadowy government agency like Sydney from Alias and have them hunt super bad guys like Buffy from… well… Buffy.

I really wanted to like Painkiller Jane… a hero who heals rapidly, bad guys with mind control powers and a group of bad-ass G-men protecting the world.  Combine that with some cool music and stylish cinematography and you can’t loose.

You know there’s a “but” coming don’t you?  Here’s the thing: they hired creative writing students from the local community college to write the scripts.  I guess they needed to make sure there was money left over to hire someone to write little mini games for their web site.

Look on the bright side, remember how you were trying to figure out if you should record the new SciFi channel show starring the sexy female terminator from T3 or a rerun of Myth Busters?  Problem solved. 


Free music time

In case you were snoozing (I sure was) Mercedes-Benz mixed tape 16 is out.



Target audience: five-year-olds in control of the family’s travel budget

The clever folks at the Cumbria board of tourism have come up with a novel plan to get “the YouTube generation” connect with the Poetry of William Wordsworth.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Wordsworth’s poem “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud “, a work apparently inspired by the beauty of the Cumbria Lake District.  To honor the anniversary the board of tourism has graciously given the poem a dust-off.. “to help the next generation of Lake District visitors connect with his work.”

And just how do you help the next generation connect with Wordsworth poetry?  Well, it’s plainly obvious, you turn it into a rap… performed by a guy in a squirrel suit.

You have to give them points for creativity… but marketing acumen? I’m not convinced your average Barney fan is really going to be making travel plans.

Video Games Weird

Human Space Invaders

Still trying to wrap my head around being back to work (jet lag sucks).  Since I am unable to formulate an intelligent thought, I’ll just share this nifty video with you (thanks Jason!):


Ahhh…. Vacation

Our family takes an annual spring break to somewhere warm… but this is the first year we’ve really looked forward to the warmth as well as simply a vacation.  We look forward to our spring break every year, but when we used to live in California it was never quite as much of a contrast as it was this year (it snowed in Dublin the Sunday before we left).

We flew from Dublin to Cancun on Friday, stayed at a hotel not far from the airport, then headed to Akumal on Saturday.  We made a quick stop at Wal*Mart for groceries before making it to our rental house on Half-Moon Bay in Akumal.

I had a bit of jet lag the first day, but waking up early can be nice.  Since Akumal faces east the only way to get a colorful picture of the sun over the ocean is to get up at dawn.