Ahhh…. Vacation

Our family takes an annual spring break to somewhere warm… but this is the first year we’ve really looked forward to the warmth as well as simply a vacation.  We look forward to our spring break every year, but when we used to live in California it was never quite as much of a contrast as it was this year (it snowed in Dublin the Sunday before we left).

We flew from Dublin to Cancun on Friday, stayed at a hotel not far from the airport, then headed to Akumal on Saturday.  We made a quick stop at Wal*Mart for groceries before making it to our rental house on Half-Moon Bay in Akumal.

I had a bit of jet lag the first day, but waking up early can be nice.  Since Akumal faces east the only way to get a colorful picture of the sun over the ocean is to get up at dawn.

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