Geeky weekend: Star Wars I – VI

Saint Patrick’s day weekend is a three day weekend here in Ireland (hey, we don’t get president’s day), combine that with Paula still being sick and we had plenty of time to just vegge in front of the boob-tube. All we needed to do was find a good batch of entertainment.

We bought Revenge of the Sith about six months ago but we never got around to watching it.  We couldn’t, of course, just start with episode III, we had to start at the “beginning”, episode I (as painful as that would be to sit through).

Watching the whole series in the space of 5 days brought up a few of questions. 

  1. When Obi-Wan dies he vanishes, leaving just his cloak.  When Yoda dies, he vanishes leaving no clothes at all.  When Darth dies, he leaves everything behind, clothes, meat-sack and all.
  2. Why did Leia set out to bring Obi-Wan and the death star plans to Alderaan?  The rebel base was on Tatooine.  You’re going to great lengths to find this guy, why send him on a wild goose chase?
  3. At the end of episode VI when glowing Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin show up to watch the end party, why is Obi-Wan all old and Anakin all young?  Sure, George had to make his re-edits… but that one is just dumb.
  4. If Obi-Wan and the rebels were going to such great lengths to hide Luke from his father why didn’t they change his name to something other than Skywalker?  Combine that with stashing him on Darth Vader’s home planet with Darth’s step-brother and it makes me wonder how many brain cells Anakin had left functioning after being given the oven-baked ham treatment.

I guess it doesn’t take a genius to poke holes in George Lucas’s writing.  But honestly now, how were the Jedi able to keep peace in the galaxy when all it takes to defeat them is persistent taunting?

Jedi: “Stop you fiend! Put down those stolen power converters!”

Thief: “Oh no! The Jedi! Say, how’s your mother?  She still mad that I dumped her and dating your sister?”

Jedi: “Oh!!! Why you! Grrr!! …. Aw nuts.  Let me help you carry those.”

Thief: “Thanks”

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Okay, Star Wars geek that I am, I have to put in my two cents. Without trying to sound too serious about this, because we all know that there are some serious holes in the storylines!

1. jedi clothes – I think George was going for the drama element. Ben’s cloak – shocking! Where’d he go? Yoda dying: yep, all the clothes went with him. Just his blanket (and cane?) were left. Darth: I suppose that if his armour went with him, there wouldn’t have been anything for Luke to have a bon-fire with 🙂

2. Okay, this one I know. Alderaan was the planet from which Leia was from, where she was Princess, and where her parents lived. The message sent to Obi-wan via R2D2 was to have ObiWan reconnect with Leia’s father (Senator Organa, aka Jimmy Smits) Remember: "Years ago, you fought with my Father in the Clone Wars. Now he begs you…." So, the assumption here is that Leia need Ben to go hook up with her Dad so that they could deliver the Death Star plans to the rebel base, which yes, was on the moon of Yavin.

3. the last scene with the re-edited Anakin. I assume that George meant this to represent each character as they were when they were when they were Jedi Knights. When Anakin became Darth, he switched to the dark side, and "The man that was once your father died…" So, the younger Anakin is representational of who he was when he was a Jedi Knight.

4. Totally agree with you here. "Let’s hide them. Let’s send the boy to live with his actual relatives!" Yeah, kind of stupid, but it was kind of cool to see the young Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru at the end of Episode 3.

After I first saw Episode 3, I wrote a mini-review, with some of the same key plot-holes that you questioned.

You can read it here

I haven’t ever watched all 6 movies in a row like you guys just did. I should try that sometime! Thanks for the fun post! (and did you really think that I wouldn’t leave a ridiculously long comment?)

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