Oooh, pretty!

It seems that one of these “best pictures of [some year]” directories shows up every year… and they never indicate how the pictures were chosen.

Where do they come from?  Who choses them?  What authority does this site have to publish them? 

I don’t care… they’re purty.  Check out the “best pictures of 2004

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No, I didn’t take that picture, I wish I could say I did… it was one of the pictures on the "best of the year" page.

Hey, I didn’t know you had a blog up and running… I’ll have to refer to it more often. 🙂

Yeah, I just started not to long ago. It’s a photo journal. Check it out when you get a chance. You know, to be honest, you really inspired me to start one. So I guess I should say thanks.
Thanks Reeves
Tami 😀
Oh, and leave a comment or two

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