I clicked on a facebook ad… and it blew my mind.

forever Yes, there are people out there who will click on ads, on occasion I’m one of them. Today I was intrigued by an ad’s description, saying something about a crazy man’s landscape… so I clicked and was taken to Foreverscape.

Imagine what you’d get if you handed Salvador Dali a pen and an endless roll of paper… then you started feeding him acid. What starts out as a fairly ordinary scene slowly melts into a stream of consciousness rolling dreamscape, with meteor showers, train wrecks and fishing astronauts.

The landscape (by Vance Feldman) is embedded in the page and will automatically scroll by. Just head on over to Foreverscape for the visual treat. Be sure turn down the lights, put on “The Dark Side of the Moon”… and don’t forget to wrap a towel around your head to keep the mess to a minimum.


Update: I wasn’t sure who the foreverscape artist was, but via comment and e-mail Vance hooked me up with links to his site. Thanks Vance!

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Woah, came across this post again, almost 7 years later. Have you seen the progress? It has surpassed 1,000 pages now and is full color and travels in two dimensions (x and y axis). Thanks for posting this, so long ago!

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