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Earlier this spring Leah and I sat down with a videographer to talk about  I’m such a geek and I could go on for hours talking about the stuff we do… I give a ton of credit to the editor and interviewer to be able to get something useful out of my endlessly meandering, spastic attention-span geek talk.  We talked for a long time.  It was really a ton of fun and they did some cool stuff making a virtual office with a few little bits you can click on (yep, you can find a picture of me with my mommy).

Check out the Inside site.

Check out what Nicole from the messenger team had to say about it (she has a promising career as a fact checker).

Inside Live was shuttered but before it did I archived a copy of the site and video interview: Inside Live video interviews of Reeves Little and Leah Pearlman.

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Very cool video Reeves. This is exactly how I pictured your office. Love the Vulcan hand sign photo. 😛

I know this is unusual, but I have tried every support channel at Microsoft and am just trying to get to someone who knows what is going on.

I won a prize in the African Safari when I switched over to Live Mail Beta. Two one hundred dollar gift certificates to! I even received a confirmation email telling me they should be sent shortly. I was very excited and made plans to use them. I haven’t received them, and have email Windows Live Support several times. The only answer that I get is that the contest is over and, as such, there is insufficient information to give me an answer. This is followed by a link to a webpage which no longer exists. I have even called Microsoft and had people tell me I was scammed and there was no African Safari contest and it was phishing.

I am so disappointed. I check my mailbox everyday but they don’t arrive. As I said in my email to Microsoft, $100 is probably not a big deal to a huge corporation, but it means a great deal to my family.

I know this is not your problem, and you probably had nothing to do with the African Safari contest, but I noticed that you were connected with the Live Mail Beta and was hoping you could at least direct me to the right department.

Thank you,

Cassandra Dover

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