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You see Theo…

In the 70’s I used to listen to my dad’s Bill Cosby albums, in the 80’s I used to watch the Cosby show and in the 90’s I cringed when Bill Cosby would go on one of his inevitable moral tirades against [insert vice here].  Now, the Internet has provided me with a cathartic poke at America’s favorite overbearing parent… House of Cosbys.


If you want to enjoy some well produced, animated hilarity, hop on over to channel 101 and check out the first four episodes.  You may want to hurry, however… the Cosby lawyers already have gotten wind of the show and the animators have been served with a cease and desist (and none-too-soon, the show is obviously destroying America’s morality… House of Cosbys is without-a-doubt the inspiration for MTV’s Jackass, NBC’s Fear Factor and the perpetually disgusting Oprah Winfrey).

And now, for something completely different (yet totally related)… my short list of people who take themselves waaaaaay too seriously:
   Bill Cosby
   Tom Cruise

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Thank the tech gods

I know I could be considered a complete MS lackey (something about MS paying me has a bit of an influence in that) but I must confess… I really love my TiVo (both of them).  I purchased the first TiVo on my wife‘s insistence and never regretted it.  It is simple to use and packed with great features.  I also have a Windows Media Center and love the features of it as well (check out this post by Ed Bott for an superb comparison of the two devices) but was too cheap to buy a new PC and moved it away from the TV (hmm… keep using my 500MHz Celeron or steal the 3.2 GHz MCE form the living room no one is using?).


My fondness for the TiVo, I’ll admit, is partially an over-inflated wish for fair play.  TiVo was the first break the ground for the DVR/PVR market only to see their share of the market slowly be nibbled away by competition and cable/satellite providers offering cheaper (and arguably poorer) solutions.  When Engadget started their TiVo deathwatch my heart sank.  It’s so funny how we love to root for the underdog.


Thankfully Comcast and TiVo have worked out a partnership deal which will have TiVo writing the software for Comcast’s PVR boxes.  This great news will mean I won’t have to worry about replacing my TiVo boxes any time in the immediate future (and the stock market agreed, if only mildly).


Long live TiVo (but please go buy a Windows Media Center PC… it helps put food on my table :)).

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This would have saved me a ton of time…

I was up until 10:30 last night fast-forwarding through football just to get to the commercials.  If I had only known that MSN Video would have put all the commercials up on their web page for easy viewing.  One question… do they get extra money from the advertisers for doing it?  I noticed they weren’t able to get them all for some reason.

My top 5:
5.  The mystery of Hammer’s disappearance
4.  Burt Reynolds getting kicked in the jimmy
3.  A new action figure for my collection
2.  P Diddy driving sales of the latest must-have star ride


1.  Monkeys and fart jokes?  Home run

Ah… Ad Critic, we barely knew you.

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I don’t get it

If you want to watch the Olympics, you watch it on one of the NBC stations (which includes MSNBC).

Now, if you’re on the web and you tune to MSN Video, guess who provides the Olympic sports clips?  Fox.

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Screw you guys… I’m going home

Did you ever want to have a South Park character of your very own? Well try the South Park Studios Create a Character. See if you can make one that looks just like you.

south park reeves


Hilarious videos from Ardman Animation

angry kidWant to have children? Are you sure? Here is some hilarious birth control: Angry Kid.