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I don’t get it

If you want to watch the Olympics, you watch it on one of the NBC stations (which includes MSNBC).

Now, if you’re on the web and you tune to MSN Video, guess who provides the Olympic sports clips?  Fox.

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Makes sense to me. MSN Video goes to Fox Sports (which they signed a very large agreement with), everything else goes to MSNBC. Look at, the highlighted Olympics 2004 hyperlink in the left menu goes to

p.s. Thrilled to see my free Hotmail contacts now have access to Calendaring, Task Management, Notes, Reminders etc!! I’m sharing calendars like mad. 😀

Right-on! Enjoy!

BTW: There’s a cool feature if you’re both on MSN messenger… you can have a messenger chat session to plan a meeting with both your calendars shown side-by-side to help identify the best time. Give it a try, it’s really cool.

Wow! How new is this? I just tried it out w/ a friend…I got–> System Error: 1649410059. These are neat little features that should be more widely promoted! = ] Keep up the good work…

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