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In the 70’s I used to listen to my dad’s Bill Cosby albums, in the 80’s I used to watch the Cosby show and in the 90’s I cringed when Bill Cosby would go on one of his inevitable moral tirades against [insert vice here].  Now, the Internet has provided me with a cathartic poke at America’s favorite overbearing parent… House of Cosbys.


If you want to enjoy some well produced, animated hilarity, hop on over to channel 101 and check out the first four episodes.  You may want to hurry, however… the Cosby lawyers already have gotten wind of the show and the animators have been served with a cease and desist (and none-too-soon, the show is obviously destroying America’s morality… House of Cosbys is without-a-doubt the inspiration for MTV’s Jackass, NBC’s Fear Factor and the perpetually disgusting Oprah Winfrey).

And now, for something completely different (yet totally related)… my short list of people who take themselves waaaaaay too seriously:
   Bill Cosby
   Tom Cruise

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