Life Weird

It was so simple…

Thank the maker there are people like MC who are willing to take a bullet for the rest of us.  MC provided an excellent review of the new 7-eleven (an American convenience store) cheeseburger hot dog.  Read for yourself:

MC, you are a braver man than I…

but mmm… it sounds tasty!

From the horses mouth:

Cheeseburger Big Bite™ Hot Dog
Easy to eat perfection! It looks like a hot dog, but it tastes like a cheeseburger! Fresh from the 7-Eleven grill, beef and cheese combine to create the easy-to-eat one-third-pound Cheeseburger Big Bite Hot Dog. Add your favorite condiments or toppings! Yummy!


It’s the simple life for me…

I’ve bit off more than I can chew… it’s now clear.

A billion hobbies, too many projects at work and half-a-dozen half-finished home-improvement tasks.  It all lends to a constant feeling of “crap, what didn’t I do?”

It’s time for a project diet… but how?  It all has to get done.  Or does it?  I think it’s time to make a list of what’s important.  If it ends up on the bottom of the list, I’ll find a way to get rid of it.

Sure, not exciting to you, but heck, if something doesn’t go, how will I have time to post to my blog?

Life Weird


Been a little overwhelmed at work but I’m digging out.  Let me just say that mail order prescriptions is a really *^&!y idea.  My life has been screwed up for three weeks because of those idiots.

How to blow off some steam?  Penguin baseball.

Why three links?  I dunno.  You can hit the penguins farther with the last one though, so that must be worth something.  DeEtte got 1200.2!


We are animals…

We must never forget we are animals, barely restrained by the society we live in.  When our society turns a blind eye, the animal breaks loose.

Without Sanctuary is a collection of photo postcards taken at lynchings (hangings) in America’s not-too-distant past.  This book is a grim, and often gruesome reminder of the beast that lurks just below the surface of mankind.

I encourage you to visit the Without Sanctuary page at Musarium to watch the flash presentation of some of the book, narrated by the book’s author.  Be advised that many of the images are graphic and disturbing.

I’d like to thank Steve for providing this link to a disturbing part of American history, a part that should never be forgotten.


How not to support your customers

I’m trying to buy something from Amazon but my account has been broken since Thursday.  Any time I try to submit my order Amazon just responds with:

We’re sorry!

An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we’re working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If you were trying to make a purchase, please check Your Account to confirm that the order was placed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Being a reasonable geek and a person in the Internet industry I expect this kind of thing will happen.  So, I decide to wait and try later.  Yep, it didn’t work later either. 

Since their online help didn’t solve my problem I decided to ask them for help.  Amazon has one method to ask for help: an online form.  I don’t mind filling out a form.  There’s just one problem… the form doesn’t work.  I tried from work on my desktop machine.  I tried from work on my laptop.  I tried from home on my laptop.  I tried from home on my home desktop.  I tried clearing my cache.  I tried deleting cookies.

My account is broken.  I am unable to submit the support form.  I’m unable to get in touch with Amazon, right?  We’ll see.  As a last resort I sent mail to every single address I was able to find on their website (everything from press addresses to their recruiting addresses).  Hopefully someone will reply.

Here’s my advice to Amazon and everyone else who has customers:  Think about it – what happens to your customers if they can’t get a hold of you?  I’ll tell you, they get pissed off and they go away.

If it weren’t for the $50 gift certificate Amazon is holding hostage I’d write them off and take my business to Barnes and Noble.

Blog Language Life

Wow, you really do think highly of yourself.

Blogging seems to be seeping deeper and deeper into our culture.  Aditya posted a link to a great NYT article on blogging.

Here’s the quote that got me thinking:

And while there are exceptions, many journal writers exhibit a surprising lack of curiosity about the journals of true strangers. They’re too busy writing posts to browse.

Blogging is really very self-serving (except in my case, because I’m special).  People have a strong need for validation, they want to know they are liked, respected, feared, or whatever resonates best with their psyche.  When you think of blogging as simply people looking for acceptance, is there any surprise that high school kids gravitate to it?

No, I don’t think it’s wrong to seek validation, I think it’s natural.  I wish more people recognized the want for validation as a basic human need.  You want to experiment with validation? 

Fun with validation:
People will be giving you information all day long, it’s unavoidable.  Next time you get information from someone you have two choices.  You can say either:
a.  “Yeah, I knew that”
b.  “Cool!”

Try it out, watch their face.  So, what did you learn? 

Choosing option “a” is really an attempt to usurp validation from the other person.  Sure, you’ve made it clear you already have the information, have you made them respect you?  If you short circuit their request for validation they are not going to be happy, in fact, they will be so distracted by you being a “know-it-all” that you will not get any benefit.  With choice “a” you both loose.

Choose “b” and you you’ll get a much better response from the other person.  Will they think less of you?  Unlikely.  Will you feel worse?  You already know you knew the information, who cares if the other person knows you knew?  Get over yourself.

Validation isn’t limited to sharing knowledge, it covers every aspect of the way people communicate.  When someone shows you their new camera they really don’t want to know it was the wrong purchase, they want to hear “cool!”  There’s no point in telling them they paid too much, who wins?

Okay Reeves, this sounds very touchy-feely… what’s in it for me?  Validation, of course.  If people feel validated when they talk to you, they will like you.  People who like you will do stuff for you.  Pretty simple, huh? 

Now go tell all your friends to read my blog because I’m really really cool and I know stuff.


Turn your head and cough.

Over the past few days I’ve managed to go through 4 boxes of Kleenex.  I think that’s a new record but I can’t find any listing in Guinness.  It also got me wondering… just how much mucus does a person produce?  Inquiring minds want to know.

The net is filled with a lot of bunk, but fortunately there are some great sites for information.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

For checking up on that latest story you were e-mailed head to the Urban Legends Reference Pages.  It’s a great place to find out if there really was a hook on his hand or if Richard Gere really did what you heard he did.

And, for some real-life info, the page that got me thinking of this: The Straight Dope.  People have been writing to Cecil for years asking all kinds of tough questions… including “How does my nose produce so much snot so fast when I have a cold?” 

So, The Straight Dope says 14 grams of drippings per day and (a site with lots of ads and no credentials, hmmm) says 1 to 2 quarts per day.  I’m still no closer to a definitive answer… but I do have the cure.

It turns out my problem may be that I’m resenting something.  According to

Resentment is stored in the mucus membranes of the body. The flower essence for resentment is Willow. Dependent upon where the symptoms manifest in the body, a person can begin to zone into what their specific issues may be that may need healing.

Now, where was my patchouli incense?


Thrill Seeker

Got Milk?

Yeah, sure.  It’s the stuff I bought right before going on vacation for the holiday.  Sell by 12/26?  Still smells good.  What the hell, let’s be a little daring!

Things are getting a little crazy at the little household!  Just call me Revel Knievel.



Naked Muppets?

If you liked Sesame Street as a kid and enjoy twisted humor you have to go see Avenue Q the next time you’re in New York.  My eyes were watering through most of the show I was laughing so hard!

My favorite part of the musical?  I’d have to say the musical number “The Internet Is For Porn”.

Recommendation:  Aim for third to fifth row center… too far back and you can’t see well, too close and you can’t see the TVs (which show the occasional animated bit).


Can’t wake up today…

I’m really tired.  I don’t know what is slowing me down.  Perhaps geeking out a little bit will help get my brain going.