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Exciting news was announced at the end of last week, I am now the Lead Program Manager for the Hotmail feature team!  Yay me!  I’m really excited about the new challenges coming up (and a little nervous too as it’s going to be a whole new type of work).  It’s going to be a ton of fun and I already know I enjoy working with the other two front door leads, Denise (business) and Omar (infrastructure).  Making this whole thing a lot less frightening: I am inheriting an awesome team, In order for me to fail I would to work at it (I don’t plan on failing :)).

While I’m excited to take on this new challenge it does come with one disappointing aspect: my previous manager, Jen, has decided to take a new role up in Redmond.  Her new team is gaining a tremendous resource, I’m jealous.

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Well if I can throw in a suggestion from the peanut gallery… it would be nice if we could sync our address books from entourage/outlook express with the online address book in hotmail.

Give me a R, Give me a E, Give me a E, Give me a V, Give me a E, Give me a S. What’s that spell?


I know it’s cheesy, but congratulations. 🙂

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