I guess Gregory Mendel wasn’t crazy

Hoo boy, I bet this crew is fun a the local neighborhood fourth of July barbecue!

Lance Champion of McMinnville, Tennessee decided to pull over a local deputy for violating the speed limit (Note: Lance isn’t a peace officer, he just plays one in his own mind).  The resultant conversation landed 23 year-old Champion in custody for disorderly conduct (um, duh!). 

Champion then did what any good local superhero would do, he called his mom.  Mom Champion next showed up at the scene with Champion’s 17 year-old brother. Jr. Champion helped the situation by slapping the hand of a police officer who was supervising the towing of Lance Champion’s car. 

Okay kids, what happens when you hit a police officer?  That’s right, you get arrested.  Having her two sons arrested was obviously tough on Mom Champion who promptly got herself cuffed for disorderly conduct as well.  Wanna go for a royal flush?

The Champion patriarch, Hal Champion, was able to return from church just in time to help diffuse the situation by showing up and (like a good Christian) through peace, love and understanding promptly get himself taken down with a taser gun and arrested.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

Yeah, sounded crazy to me too, but it’s real and happened on Tuesday, go get the official write up at CNN.

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Some people shouldn’t be allowed to blog without proper supervision.

Update: this cop was out of line, again. This particular officer has a history of rash behavior and improper conduct. Since this fine family has filed suit against the officer and the department, which no one else has had the courage to do to date, a flood of letters of support have arrived at the courthouse explaining how this officer has acted in this unlawful manner in the past. In fact, when news of this latest assault by this officer reached some in the local community, they were overheard to have exclaimed, "He’s done it again."

This family makes Mother Theresa look like Osama Bin Laden. They are the kindest, most demure people on the planet. Properly trained public safety officers are skilled in methods used to diffuse situations. Instead, this officer, knowing he was in fact driving recklessly, over-reacted and created a myopic situation that has received misleading international attention from which it will be "nigh on to impossible" for this family to recover. (Thought I would throw in some white trash phrases to satisfy your blood lust.)

When blogs contribute to the slander of a fine family, then the author too is defamatory and should be held accountable. Journalistic integrity, which arguably should apply to blogs, requires objectivity. Your treatment of this story has instead been bitten by the bias of a grocery store tabloid. But I guess it too could be argued that you were just playing the part of a journalist in your own mind.

I and many supporters of this family and probity in law enforcement will be in the courtroom to make sure the truth is heard. Stay tuned . . .

Oh, by the way, I have enjoyed barbeque on the Fourth of July with this crew and we did have fun. The highlight of the day was throwing M-80s at passing police cruisers . . .

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