My mind is already racing…

If you like computers but live in the physical world you need to check out Phidgets.  The development kit they provide allows you to easily create sensor and display interfaces for your PC.  They have a basic USB interface which plugs into sensors (force, light, motion, etc.) as well as USB interfaces for server motors, LED systems, LCD displays and (for you big brother types) RFIDs.

Now that you have all this cool USB hardware, you can create an computer control for it.  Phidgets are interfaced via their supplied VB APIs (other languages are rumored to be in the works).

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Actually, I thought the idea was so damn cool I opened a company down here in the USA to sell them. We are just coming out with the DC motor controller and the stepper motor controller this month. Inventors and Robotics Hobbyists should definitely come check use out.

Robot sensors, USB sensors, USB servo controllers, DC motor controllers and more !

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