I’ve come to the realization…

… my dog doesn’t understand sarcasm.

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MIne does. I swear, everytime I say something sarcastic to her she rolls her eyes and trods off. Maybe German Shepherds have the sarcastic gene and others don’t or maybe she’s just been around me too long and know that I’m full of shit. Hahaha

LOL Tami.
Yeah, it’s probably a function of my dog being part Lab. As long as I appear to be paying attention to her she’ll stick around. My German Shepherd Dog was much more serious… if I was goofing around he’d wander off to find something more productive to do. 🙂

Finding something more productive to do is one thing, but when you find out that productivity involves stealing the neighbors chickens, that’s a whole new ballgame. So not only does she understands sarcasm, she’s been labeled as a chicken thief.

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