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Tonight I borrowed a couple of micro photography lenses from Phillip (thanks dude!) and played around taking close up pictures of anything that came close.  I found taking pictures of the dog a challenge since the depth of field on these lenses are a touch on the narrow side. 🙂  At any rate, stuff looks really cool when you can get really close.

For the curious, the lenses I borrowed are a 60mm 2.8 Nikkor and a 105mm 2.8 Nikkor.  I put the pictures which were mildly in focus in my micro gallery.  I took the pictures of the dog with the 105mm and the others with the 60mm.

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Dude…. Sweet! Which lens did you like the best? I’ve been thinking of getting the 105mm macro for a long time now. The 60mm is supposed to be one of the lengendary Nikkors for its sharpness and contrast.

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