Honey, I shrunk the laptop!

Here’s just what you need to get your geek buddies to drool: a 1 GHz laptop not much bigger than the power adapter powering your current laptop (4.9”x3.4”x.9” and 14 ounces).  It has all the goodies you’d want, Bluetooth™, 802.11b, USB, FireWire™ and more.  Dock it and it’s a full PC.  It’s not as small as a PDA, but it’s close, and it’s running Windows XP.

One problem, there are a bunch of other things I’d rather spend 2 grand on.

Visit OQO to find out more about their ultra personal computer (uPC).

2 replies on “Honey, I shrunk the laptop!”

er den så stort makred for sånn dings vill ikke pda r snart kunne ha like såmme kraft som sånn mini laptop ? japan har det riktignook vært sukess men det er en tettpakket by med små leighliheter

Umm… best I could get was to translate from Norwegian:

>is it saw large macro for such gadget ferocious no matter pda
>r almost be able have equal såmme broth as such mini laptop?
>Japanese has it riktignook been sukess but it is a closely
>packed later along with a little leighliheter

I’ll take that as "won’t a PDA be able to do the same stuff soon?"

Yeah, sure, but anytime you swap OSes you loose data. Also, why have a laptop and a PDA when you can just have a PDA-sized laptop?

Also, Japanese already have tiny gadgets? Yeah, naturally. All the cool stuff is in Japan.

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