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Did that just void my life insurance policy?

There appears to be a different definition of “vegetable” once you get south of the Mason-Dixon line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining… but I’m pretty sure I just ate 3 years off my life expectancy.

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We had a delicious dinner tonight at the Hominy Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. Our entrées came with a choice of vegetables, including “Macaroni & Cheese”, “Deep Fried Cheese Grits” and “French Fries”. No, catsup was not one of the vegetable choices.

Sure, they’re playing a little fast and loose with the queen’s English when it comes to veg, but I’ll give them all kinds of latitude since the food was outrageously delicious. Paula’s ribs were so perfectly prepared that the meat pulled off effortlessly and left the bones nearly spotless. My dinner, the “Big Nasty Biscuit,” has a name that was hard to pass up and the fried chicken breast, home made biscuit and delicious gravy (with a perfect hint of Jalapeño) was anything but nasty.

To top it all off we had wonderful company at the table next door in the form of Timur from DC. He was just starting to eat his way around Charleston and if we weren’t already bound for a wedding party we would have easily been sucked into his wake. His twitter feed will serve as a great guide for what to eat for the remainder of our trip.

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That place is wonderful. I’m in Myrtle Beach, but when we travel down to Chucktown, it’s a must go. Cosmic Dogs is another one that’ll fill your bloodstream with no-no’s.

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