Bellevue Art Fair 2011

We had a wonderful time at the Bellevue art fair this weekend, wandering around checking out art, eating cheese steak sandwiches and people watching.

Leg warmers on a grand scale

Every year the art museum opens up its side walk to kids and lays out chalk for the budding artists. This year they also had crochet covers for all the light posts, giving the street a Dr. Seuss meets Pippy Longstocking meets Banksy feel.

WP_000154 (2)


The artist spent a day in a dairy farmer’s field, taking pictures of cows. This little (6") painting of a jersey calf was irresistible.

WP_000157 (2)

She also had a bunch of paintings that were almost irresistible ()

Paint and Wax

Along with Softness we also picked up a couple of little abstract landscapes in oil and wax by a nice guy named Christopher Bibby. The hard lines in the paintings are cut into the wax giving them some nice depth.

WP_000156 (2)

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