Context ruins fun

Zach and I were talking about some SharePoint features for the next version (v5 for those of you playing along at home). At some point I asked Zach “Could we make SharePoint do [blah]?” His reply was this gem:

“I’m going to have to go think about how the Internet works.”

Yeah, he said other stuff, I’m sure it was smart stuff, but I can’t be entirely sure as my mind had already gone gleefully skipping off into a flowering meadow of happiness, delighting itself with images of Zach sitting around, thinking about the inner workings of the interwebs.

Zach continued on, trying in vain to pass on just a fraction of his coding knowledge. Meanwhile, I was imagining the next version of SharePoint and how it would be powered by the stuff that makes the Internet work: kittens and Rick Astley.

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