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The beta tag comes off Windows Live Hotmail

It was a long road, lots of research, lots of development, a private beta and two years of public beta… and now Windows Live Hotmail is officially out of beta.  I want to give a huge congrats to the team and I must say I kind of wish I could have been there.  I must admit, after having been there for the first two years of the process (and for six years total), I felt kind of sad seeing all the great pictures of the team posted on today’s blog entry

Though I’m sad I missed the end run, I don’t regret my move to Ireland one bit. Congratulations guys on a fantastic release!

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Reeves, too bad we missed you. I’ll be thinking of you today when we’re outside the wedge having drinks and giving away goodies. Let me know if/when you’ll be in town and i’ll get you a shirt. TTYL buddy!

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