I’m a lucky bastard

Yep… I’m lucky.  Sure, you already know I have the smartest, most bee-you-ti-ful wife ever… but that’s not what I’m talking about in this instance.

Dublin is great… but there is some stuff you can’t buy in Ireland (a US power strip, for example).  As a result, when I come back to the states on business I always end up coming back with a shopping list.  This time I had some pretty random stuff on the list.  Being a guy (you know, never asks for directions) I just drove off into Redmond.

Randomly I turned right and hey!  A lighting store, perfect.  I needed 9″ harps to replace some which had been lost in the move.  Trying to drive out of the parking lot I was forced to turn right. A little down the street: hey!  Staples, I need 8.5″ by 11″ sheet protectors… and a power strip.

To make a short story long, by randomly driving around I never should have made it back to the hotel in under three hours with any of the things on my list. 

Swag, booty, haul

It took me 20 minutes and I got everything.  I’m a lucky bastard (did I mention I have a beautiful wife too?)

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