Rodrigo y Gabriela

I’m stuck listening to Metal all day today, and it’s the fault of a pair of Mexican guitarists.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Tuesday night Paula and I went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela in downtown Dublin.  This couple got their “start” several years back here in Dublin are are currently in the middle of a world tour. 

I put “start” in quotes because this acoustic guitar playing duo were in a metal band before moving to Dublin and redefining themselves with an infectious mix of Spanish guitar, flamenco, jazz and heavy metal.  The duo’s show draws you in as they chat with the crowd, jam together and string together an almost random combination of original pieces and cover songs.  The best way to understand their music and personalities is to go see a show (and you really should). For folks state-side set your TiVos to record Letterman on the 18th, they’re definitely worth sitting through some stupid people tricks to see.  They’ll also be in Seattle on the 15th at Chop Suey.  Check out their site for Philadelphia, Denver and Chicago dates too.  As a poor substitute, here’s a melange of clips I recorded at their show.

A nice bonus was the opening act, Foy Vance.  Foy, with floppy hair, stellar guitar chops and wonderful voice, was a complete surprise.  Imagine if James Taylor and Mary Chapin Carpenter’s love child had been raised in Belfast by George Harrison.  Okay, perhaps that’s  a little hard to imagine, just go check out his music on his MySpace site, it’s worth the trip.

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