I’ve figured out our foreign relations problems…

The political pundits are all arguing over the cause Americas loss of respect in the world’s eyes. Is it our hawkish executive office? Is it religious tension stirred up by extremists?

No. It’s the crap we export. This is the way Irish people see America in the grocery stores over here:

Rolling Rock, the Pinto of beers
Rolling Rock: the Pinto of Beers

Rolling Rock beer and Fetzer wine.

Think of it in micro-terms: America is New York and Ireland is New Jersey… all the garbage alcohol gets shipped here.

2 replies on “I’ve figured out our foreign relations problems…”

Hahahaha….Reeves you are so funny "the pinto of beers"!! Hahahaha
Speaking of micro-terms though, I’ll be in "America" on Thursday enjoying my Fetzer wine. 😛

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