CNet’s piece is up on the Hotmail team

Several weeks back Ina Fried from c|net came to campus and interviewed a bunch of people. Her piece is now up on c|net It’s a good read to give folks a little glimpse into the team.

Ina spent the majority of the day with people around campus and a lunch in a conference room with some of us “old folks” from Hotmail. I’m not that old… really, honest. I wasn’t even “acquired” with Hotmail. I just have shown a decided lack of vision and stuck with the team for the past six years. 🙂 Demonstrating the power of the sound-byte, I was only with her for the lunch part but ended up with my own side bar. As a result I’m now working on growing a mullet.

Hey Warhol. is this going to be deducted from my fifteen minutes? link is dead but exists in the internet archive. A copy of the main article (without sidebar) is up on Tech Republic: Hotmail’s new address.

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