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I just posted to the team blog about upcoming improvements to the Windows Live Mail beta.  The languages we were hoping to roll out back in December should be coming out very soon.  If they’re not out by the end of this month, I’ll eat…

… um …

… this tasty, fresh Twinkie snack cake (aw heck, I’m just being realistic, this is software, after all, and the wind can shift direction without warning).

At any rate, the English speakers in Canada should be happy to know that they’ll soon be able to join the crowd from the UK, US and AU.  As soon as we roll out French for Canada we’ll also be able to roll out English (we want to be fair, after all).

So if you’re on the list, be patient, we’re upgrading servers as fast as we can.  If you’re not on the list, what the heck are you waiting for?  Get over to and sign up!

And now, a picture of my dog cross-bred with a Brewer’s Blackbird:

A bird with a dog's head pasted on

5 replies on “Patience”

I just posted to your comments over there. Not sure how often you check those; I’m not good checking my spaces comments (or lack thereof)…

Does ‘paying customers’ also include Outlook Live? That could be why the Live Mail invite I got yesterday didn’t work. (It said I was already in the beta but still loads Hotmail.)

Hi Reeves,

Hope your day is well. I wonder if you got my email because I was getting an error when I was sending it?

I’m still getting the Hotmail interface. My Hotmail Plus account,, suppose to get migrated by Friday – per your instructions in your blog. Can you please check and let me know?

Thanks so much
Robert Peralta

Hi Reeves,

I recieved an invite/join now (so i could start using beta) from this email address: but hotmail would not let me accept it. It’s saying something about it being an unsafe site. Can you please assist me with this.

Thanks in advance,
Lady Jama

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