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A Windows Live Mail update

The latest update to Windows Live Mail beta was released to the world today.  There are lots of great improvements including performance, in-line spell checking and the introduction of the “down-level” experience (the non-AJAX version for older browsers).  The best place for a quick summary is Steve’s post and the best place for lots of details is Imran’s post to the mailcall blog (be sure to also check out the video on spell checking).

I’m hoping we’ll also hear from Ellie soon too… she led the effort to develop the downlevel client.  Working with a development team in China (both from here in Mountain View, California and by flying out to Shanghai) as well as developers here Ellie got the first downlevel version ready to ship.  As with the first Kahuna betas, this isn’t complete yet… but it will evolve as well.

Some spell check video trivia for you:

  • a href=””>Steve was the camera man
  • The little flash you see at the end is a glimpse of baby clothes… Imran’s going to have twins!

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