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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 9 is out along with some other interesting news: MB is branching out from the music business into the spoken word.  Early December Mercedes will publish its first volume of text tracks for download.  Billed as “Challenging literature for mobile people, young authors read by well known voices” it should provide a bit of variety to your morning commute.  We can only hope the right type of people download these audio tracks… plenty of people in California have enough trouble driving as it is… throwing challenging literature into the mix could create a tremendous road hazard.

Mercedes-Benz text tracks, think of it as Mercedes-Benz Mixed Audio Books.

Addendum: Small print on the back of the cover for MBMT9 indicates that volume 10 will be available on 12/13/2005 at … mark your calendars.

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Yeah, um…hello? Can you say BMW devled in to this Advertainment mediums…say 2000 with BMW Films? Copy cats!


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